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What to do if suffering from vomiting


You should: | Suggested food and drink | Avoid

You should:

  • Take frequent drinks to avoid dehydration.
  • Try to ensure that all drinks are nourishing, eg milk drinks.
  • Sipping drinks through a straw may be helpful.
  • Try to eat little and often and eat slowly.
  • Choose foods that are easily digested, such as soups, egg custard, milk puddings, soft fruit (stewed apple, tinned pears, melon, etc), plain biscuits, crackers, bread, dry toast, lean meat, chicken, cottage cheese, soft cooked vegetables, plain cake.
  • Cold foods may be easier to manage than hot dishes, eg sandwiches, ice cream.
  • Eat in a room where there is plenty of fresh air.


Food & drink than can help quell nausea:

  • Fizzy drinks - carbonated mineral water, soda water, 
    lucozade, etc;
  • Tart foods - lemon, natural yoghurt, strong mints;
  • Dry foods - plain biscuits, crackers, dry toast;
  • Salty foods - salted crackers, crisps.
  • Ginger - ginger biscuits, ginger ale.
  • Glucose sweets - barley sugars, boiled sweets



  • Cooking smells, if possible.
  • Fatty foods such as fried food, chips, pastry, meat and fish pastes and fatty meats (sausages, burgers).
  • Drinks with food. Eat first and drink after the meal or snack is finished.
  • Lying down after a meal.


Your Doctor may be able to prescribe anti-sickness tablets (anti-emetics) if this problem persists